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VoIP (Voice Over IP) Provider


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that allows voice traffic, 比如电话, to be transmitted through the internet. Recognized by business owners for its low-cost and efficiency, it is a comprehensive collection of mobile technologies that allows for the transmission of 语音通信 and other multimedia capabilities across any Internet Protocol (IP) networks. VoIP is the technology and 托管PBX 是实际的设备.

How is VoIP 电话 Service Different From Traditional Business 电话 Services?

The VoIP phone service works just like a normal office telephone, but without traditional telephone wires and at a much lower cost to you. Instead of using pricey old-fashioned wiring, VoIP routes your phone calls via the internet – meaning you no longer have to pay that shocking phone bill to use phone company wiring and hardware.


This technology unchains your employees and makes business communication more efficient, 频繁的, 和成本效益. Other advantages include:

  • 简单的维护
  • 可伸缩性
  • Flexible, Anytime-anywhere calling
  • Variety of call features (hold, transfer, conference, find me/follow me, auto-attendant)
  • 具有成本效益的

Benton Technology Solutions – the Best 罗利 VoIP Service Provider

Benton Technology Solutions is a full-service 罗利 Voice over IP provider. Our local 基于 technicians will keep your service up and running smoothly for clear and constant communication. 澳门银银河官方网站在线登录罗利 基于, 当地的商业, making it easy for our staff to service your small to mid-sized business quickly if needed. Along with being a top-notch VoIP service provider in 罗利, we also provide a number of other communication system services such as IT管理, 云备份系统, 移动安全 解决方案. Benton Technology Solutions is a locally-owned, one-stop-shop for all your communication needs. Have peace of mind knowing your 罗利 IT support is just a call away!

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